I'm Blase Grinner,

My Super Power, Transitioning Men into their Purpose 

I see life as WHOLEistic. There are many aspects and components of what “being a man” entail’s and it is this diverse for EVERYMAN. This is of very high relevance. MANHOOD isn’t a “1 trick pony” or “blanket rule”, the foundational blueprint is the same YET the journey is of each individual is unique. I so get that.

It’s why I have dedicated my entire life to be of service, especially to men no matter where they are on their journey. Creating THE MENS FUEL STATION.


The Mens Fuel Station

Initiated. 5 Elements to Live On Purpose

A private 1-on-1 mentorship with Blase Grinner. 3 month & 1 year journeys

44 Day Habit Accelerator

Fast track Drive while minimising stress. 6 week online mens group program

Warriors Dojo

12-module online course. Includes innovative methods, cutting edge “life hacks” fused with behavioural interrupters to support men to break from limitations, step into their power and LIVE the life they truly desire

BlokesVenture 3 Day Retreat

A rites of passage for the modern day man, on the magical Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia

The Mens Fuel Station

It's time to stand tall, drive that stake in the ground, claim your time, speak your truth, own your heart AND show yourself and the world THE MAN YOU DEEP DOWN NOW YOU ARE. A man who lives on Purpose, Purpose and from PURPOSE

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